Therapeutic Approaches

I use a range of different therapy approaches & tools to suit each individual, couple or group. The main approaches I use are: MI (Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), strengths-based, solution-focused and person-centred therapies.

  • MI is a therapeutic approach used to facilitate the individual's desire for behaviour change, generally used with addictive behaviour


  • CBT is a treatment model which is structured, short-term & present-orientated, focusing on solving current problems & modifying dysfunctional thinking and behaviour


  • ACT is based on living a "rich, full & meaningful life" by accepting thoughts & feelings instead of fighting them, & taking effective action, guided by the client's deepest values


  • Strengths-based therapy involves using the client's own existing strengths & capacities to enable effective change


  • Solution-focused therapy is brief & future-focused


  • Person-centred therapy (also known as the Rogerian approach) is self-directed & allows the client to grow and develop


  • When working with children I use play-therapy which is a non-threatening, gentle & fun method to engage a child through play

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Mental health (anxiety & depression)

Grief & loss

Behaviour change

Relationships & conflict

Career counselling

Self - awareness, esteem & growth 

Parenting & child development


Inclusive support